It's no secret that "password" is not an effective password... And what is the difference between users having no passwords or users that must write down their passwords and post-it on their monitors because the password policy is not user friendly and overly complicated?

There is probably no need to go into great detail about the loss of revenue, information, client trust or the down-time involved when a breech of security occurs. TLT's goal is not to scare our customers, but simply to help them find a security solution that is to scale with their needs.

A Safe & Sound Balance...

The objective of network security is to protect networks and their applications against attacks, ensuring information availability, confidentiality and integrity. A SIMPLE network security design solution should strike a balance between network ease of use and an appropriate level of security fine tuned to your company's unique requirements.

A customized, user-friendly and manageable security system is achieved by attaining a full understanding of the customers' needs and accessing the necessary security requirements. After all, a network is about connecting people and information, quickly, easily and seamlessly — not about creating frustration and fear for the people who need to share information over the network. In fact, the best measure of a network is its' invisibility to those who use it.

At TLT Networks Inc. our goal is to provide our customers with vendor independent advice based on risk analysis for their unique business environment. Conclusions from a thorough risk analysis are then compiled and used to help the customer make informed decisions regarding network security implementation.