A SIMPLE Solution...

TLT Network's Inc. believes in providing our customers with a competitive advantage through proper network design and support, with unequalled attention to immediate and future customer requirements.

It's no secret that there is always more than one answer to any network issue, however, in our experience it is always the SIMPLE solution that works the best. Simplicity, by it's nature decreases the probability of failure in any application. Simple, logical solutions are uncomplicated, streamlined, easier to Implement and Support. That is why TLT has developed a SIMPLE, benchmark approach to the way we handle all networks and network functions:

How Does TLT's SIMPLE Approach Work?

A thorough network assessment will help to determine current and future demands on network applications and services. Conclusions from the network assessment are then used as a guide to tailor a network design specific to the customers' business environment according to each one of the TLT SIMPLE principles.

TLT's goal is to design, build and support simple, scalable, secure and cost effective networkstailored to our customers' needs and with the utmost respect for our customers' budget. TLT will not sell our customers more hardware or to recommend implementation of latesttechnology unless it is legitimately required. We strive to develop and create efficient and lean solutions that meet or exceed customer requirements but never at an excessive cost caused by "creative" failure-prone workarounds or superfluous equipment purchases.

A successful, collaborative client partnership based on trust and an understanding of the tasks at hand and how they will be accomplished... It's what makes TLT Networks Inc. tick — and it really is that simple.