Simplicity Works — Always

TLT Networks Inc. provides comprehensive network consulting and network security services for small and medium sized business using a simplified approach. At TLT Networks Inc., simplicity in network optimisation, and network redesign means customer centred, pure —not poor design. The foundation for this task is set by developing a close partnership with our clients, and a thorough understanding of their business environment and network requirements.

TLT strives to help our clients increase productivity and achieve their business goals by providing simply sound, functional and efficient networks and network designs to meet immediate customer demands with a view towards future growth and expansion. TLT believes that manageable, flexible, and user friendly, networks and network solutions are created around our customers' requirements. We know that when customer requirements are adequately met, the network itself becomes virtually invisible to the end user — and that means more time and energy to focus on what's important — the growth and success of your business.

At TLT Networks Inc. simplicity also means uncomplicated, and that is just what you can expect — uncomplicated, affordable, flexible, competent service and support, backed by hands-on senior experience, vendor-independent recommendations and advice that is tailored to the needs of your company.

A Collaborative Client Partnership — Works

TLT recognises the simple fact that no one knows everything. That is why we count on our most vital consultants — our customers. Who knows your business better than you? TLT Networks Inc. is committed to helping our customers achieve short and long-term business goals in a efficient, collaborative and feasible manor, by striking a balance between optimal network functionality and customer ease of use. Our customers' satisfaction is the absolute measure of our success as an IT partner.








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